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30 Day Core Fitness Challenge: Improve Your Posture, Boost Your Fitness and Show off Those Abs!

Get a BIG discount on this full PLR package complete with eBook, report, graphics, reviews, articles & much more!

This big PLR package covers the really important subject of core fitness. The core is responsible for our movement, and keeping it healthy can improve back pain, it can prevent injury, increase flexibility and more. Of course, it can also lead to amazing abs!

It all comes with PLR rights, meaning that you can edit it, put your name on it, and package it however you want!

Here's everything you get in the "30 Day Core Fitness Challenge" Mega PLR package...

So you know exactly what you’re getting, you can check out the screenshots & titles below...

PART 1: Info Products

12 Main eBook

"30 Day Core Fitness Challenge: Improve Your Posture, Boost Your Fitness and Show off Those Abs!"
(4,459 words, 22 pages, 10 images)


12 Giveaway Report

"Why the Core Muscles are So Important"
(1,606 words, 7 pages, 7 images)

Use this as a bonus to the main product or as a freebie to grow your list.


12 Editable eCovers

You also get eCovers for the main eBook & report - and they come in finished & editable PSD formats so you can change them if you like!

whycoremuscles_report_medium 30day_corefitness_main3Dmed

PART 2: Product Reviews

12 5 Fitness Product Reviews

To help you make affiliate sales on your website, you'll also get 5 popular fitness product reviews. These products range in price from the affordable to those that cost hundreds of dollars. You also get a "book of the month" review


  • GoFit GF-RMAT Ribbed Core Fitness Mat - 447 words
  • SKLZ Slidez Functional Core Stability Discs - 427 words
  • Tone Fitness High Density Exercise Mat - 419 words
  • Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout - 438 words

Book of the Month:

  • “Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health” by MD Davis William - 424 words

12 1 Extra Long Comparison Review

Buyers often have a hard time comparing products and deciding which one is right for them. This is why you'll also get a longer comparison review that allows you to promote several products in one review, and provide very useful content for your readers.

Topic: Top 5 Ab Wheels Comparison - 889 words


PART 3: Supporting Content

12 20 Related Articles

Content is still key to success online, so you get a collection of 20 articles related to the main eBook topic. These are all on unique and interesting topics.

  • 2 Ways to Test How Strong Your Core Really Is - 445 words
  • 3 Exercises That Can Strengthen Your Core - 493 words
  • 4 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core Muscles - 416 words
  • 4 Variations on the Classic Plank to Strengthen Your Core - 426 words
  • 4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Love Handles - 539 words
  • A Guide to Postnatal Core Workouts - 737 words
  • A Guide to Proper Pelvic Alignment in Exercise - 447 words
  • A Guide to the Muscles in Your Core - 416 words
  • Can Core Strength Help You Burn Fat Quicker? - 414 words
  • Core Exercise Guide for Pregnant Women - 444 words
  • Crunches vs. Planks - Which Are Best for Your Core? - 404 words
  • How Chi Walking Helps to Strengthen Your Core and Boost Your Fitness - 558 words
  • How to Track Your Core Exercise Progress - 592 words
  • How to Use a BOSU Ball to Strengthen Your Core - 432 words
  • How to Use a Medicine Ball to Strengthen Your Core - 451 words
  • The Link Between Your Core Strength and Back Pain - 426 words
  • Water-Based Workout Ideas for Strengthening Your Core - 428 words
  • Why Can't I See My Ab Muscles Even Though I Work Out? - 423 words
  • Why Runners Should Consider Core Strengthening Exercises - 495 words
  • Why Yoga and Pilates are Great for Core Strength - 412 words

12 5 Email Messages/ Blog Posts

Email marketing is important in any niche, so every month you'll get a new 5-part message series that you can send to your subscribers. We also format these for use on your blog if you'd prefer to use them as blog posts!

Topic: "How to Lose Belly Fat"


12 Plus! Bonus Premium WordPress Plugin - Easy Checklists

Create a checklist of the challenge for your buyers to check off as they complete the daily tasks!

PART 4: Social Media Posts & Images

12 Royalty Free Images

14 royalty free related images for you to use however you like!  


12 Product Images for Each Product Reviewed

To save you any extra work, I've also included the official product images.


12 5 Inspirational Images

Social media can be an excellent source of traffic for this niche, and people love to see useful tips and inspiration.


12 5 Social Media Tips Graphics

These fitness tips are great to share on social media!


12 20 Tweets

To make it easy to promote your reviews, eBook & blog content on social media, you also get 20 fitness tips tweets. The tweets come in a spreadsheet so you can quickly insert your links, check the length and upload them to your social networks.


12 3 Marketing Bylines

You also get 3 marketing bylines - use them when you post to article directories, at the end of guest posts or on social media.

Grab All of the Above at a BIG Discount Today!

Here’s a reminder of everything you’ll get:
Main "30 Day Core Fitness Challenge” eBook + eCover
Short "Importance of the Core Muscles” Report + eCover
14 Royalty Free Images
5 Standard Product Reviews
1 Ab Wheels Comparison Review
20 Articles
5 Emails/ Blog Posts on Getting Rid of Body Fat
5 Shareable Fitness Tips Graphics
5 Inspirational Social Images
3 Marketing Bylines
Keyword Research
Bonus Easy Checklist Premium WordPress Plugin

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[NO] Can pass on editable files to anyone else
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