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"Happy, Healthy Holidays: Simple Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain (but Still Have Fun!)"

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It's a known fact that people tend to put on weight over the holidays. After all, there's so much yummy food and drink on offer, and many of us get out of our regular routines. This pack is all about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight over the holidays, without totally depriving yourself.

It all comes with PLR rights, meaning that you can edit it, put your name on it, and package it however you want!

Here's everything you get in the "Happy, Healthy Holidays" Mega PLR package...

So you know exactly what you’re getting, you can check out the screenshots & titles below...

PART 1: Info Products

12 Main eBook

"Happy, Healthy Holidays: Simple Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain (but Still Have Fun!)"
(4,251 words, 18 pages, 13 images)


12 Giveaway Report

"10 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress At Bay"
(1,619 words, 8 pages, 7 images)

Use this as a bonus to the main product or as a freebie to grow your list.


12 Editable eCovers

You also get eCovers for the main eBook & report - and they come in finished & editable PSD formats so you can change them if you like!

mainebook  report

PART 2: Product Reviews

12 5 Fitness Product Reviews

To help you make affiliate sales on your website, you'll also get 5 popular fitness product reviews. These products range in price from the affordable to those that cost hundreds of dollars. You also get a "book of the month" review


  • AmazonBasics Resistance Band Set - 523 words
  • Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike - 456 words
  • Kinzi Jump Rope - 512 words
  • Mio FUSE Heart Rate Training + Activity Tracker - 414 words

Book of the Month:

  • "Eat What You Love" by Marlene Koch - 465 words

12 1 Extra Long Comparison Review

Buyers often have a hard time comparing products and deciding which one is right for them. This is why you'll also get a longer comparison review that allows you to promote several products in one review, and provide very useful content for your readers.

Topic: Top 5 Fitness Apps for New Year Fitness Resolutions - 956 words


PART 3: Supporting Content

12 20 Related Articles

Content is still key to success online, so you get a collection of 20 articles related to the main eBook topic. These are all on unique and interesting topics.

  • 5 Tips for Beating Holiday Stress - 442 words
  • 5 Tips for Losing Weight After the Holidays - 445 words
  • 5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year Fitness Goals - 479 words
  • 6 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season - 603 words
  • 6 Tips for Sticking to Your Exercise Routine Throughout the Holidays - 415 words
  • 8 Healthier Holiday Foods That You Can Indulge in Guilt-Free - 441 words
  • Beware of Liquid Calories to Avoid Weight Gain - 447 words
  • Can You Fit an Effective Workout Into A 30 Minute Window? - 422 words
  • How Exercise Can Help Beat the "Winter Blues" - 457 words
  • How Many Calories Do You Consume Through Alcohol? - 428 words
  • How to Avoid Overeating When Eating Out - 430 words
  • How to Avoid the Holiday Blues - 456 words
  • How to Keep Working Out During the Winter - 403 words
  • How to Practice Mindful Eating During the Holidays - 453 words
  • How to Set New Year Fitness Goals That Are Actually Attainable - 414 words
  • Indoor Workout Alternatives for When It's Just Too Cold to Go Outside - 404 words
  • Should You Exercise When Hungover? - 399 words
  • Should You Exercise When You Have a Cold? - 423 words
  • Top 5 Holiday Foods to Avoid (for the Sake of Your Waistline) - 501 words
  • Why You Shouldn't Delay Your New Fitness Plan Until the New Year - 400 words

12 5 Email Messages/ Blog Posts

Email marketing is important in any niche, so every month you'll get a new 5-part message series that you can send to your subscribers. We also format these for use on your blog if you'd prefer to use them as blog posts!

Topic: How to Stay Healthy and Sane During the Holidays


12 Plus! 50 Weight Loss Content Ideas BONUS

Use these content ideas to come up with new blog posts, social media posts, emails, products & more.

PART 4: Social Media Posts & Images

12 Royalty Free Images

20 royalty free related images for you to use however you like!


12 Product Images for Each Product Reviewed

To save you any extra work, I've also included the official product images.


12 5 Inspirational Images

Social media can be an excellent source of traffic for this niche, and people love to see useful tips and inspiration. This month, the images all have a holiday-themed background.


12 5 Social Media Tips Graphics

These fitness tips are great to share on social media!



12 20 Tweets

To make it easy to promote your reviews, eBook & blog content on social media, you also get 20 fitness tips tweets. The tweets come in a spreadsheet so you can quickly insert your links, check the length and upload them to your social networks.


12 3 Marketing Bylines

You also get 3 marketing bylines - use them when you post to article directories, at the end of guest posts or on social media.

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Here’s a reminder of everything you’ll get:
Main “Happy, Healthy Holidays” eBook + eCover
Short “10 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress At Bay” Report + eCover
20 Royalty Free Images
5 Standard Product Reviews
1 Top 5 Fitness Apps for New Year Fitness Resolutions Comparison Review
20 Articles
5 Emails/ Blog Posts on How to Stay Healthy and Sane During the Holidays
5 Shareable Fitness Tips Graphics
5 Inspirational Social Images
3 Marketing Bylines
Keyword Research
50 Bonus Weight Loss Content Ideas

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