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Get A Monthly Self-Help PLR Package to Publish As Your Own!

Get a big value PLR package - a monthly self-help/ personal development product that can be applied to a variety of niches. Each package covers a specific area of self-improvement, from productivity to dealing with stress and public speaking.

circleavatar4Dear online business owner,

It's safe to say that the self-improvement industry is huge - almost all of us have an interest in improving ourselves in some way, or dealing with our personal blocks and issues.

The great thing about this broad niche is that it's easy to specialize in a sub-niche - like successful business mindset, confidence for moms, or even athletic success. You can take broad self-help topics and apply them to your specific niche.

And the best way to make money online is to create your own product, whether that's an eBook, online training course or paid workshop. There’s a huge amount of money to be made within the self-help industry - and people are willing to pay to learn how to make their lives better.

But if you want to claim your piece of this huge industry then you're going to need content, and lots of it. There is so much information out there that it's important to set yourself apart with quality products and useful freely available guides to help grow your audience. However, it takes time, money and effort to put all of this together.


An Easier Way to Claim Your Piece of This Fast-Growing Market

This is where the brand new Self-Help Content Club comes in. I've covered the research, outlining, product creation and even additional content like blog posts, emails, tweets and more.

To start making money from this content, all you need to do is download it, add your branding, edit it where necessary and start selling!

I will put together a monthly package for you that:

  • Covers a specific, actionable personal development topic
  • Stands on its own, but can also complement other monthly topics
  • Can be applied to a variety of niches, both IM and non-IM
  • Perfect if you want to build an expandable training library OR to sell individual products

Here’s What You’ll Get Every Month
As A Self-Help Content Club Member…

Each month you’ll get a big, brand new package of PLR content centred around a specific monthly self-help/ personal development topic that can be applied to a variety of niches - including both IM and non-IM. It all comes with PLR rights, meaning that you can edit it, put your name on it, and package it however you want!

  • Main eBook
  • Editable eCovers in Different Styles
  • Keyword Research on the monthly topic
  • Royalty Free Related Images
  • Bonus “Content Upgrade” (Like A Checklist or Worksheet)
  • 5 Related Articles
  • 5 Emails/ Blog Posts
  • 15 Related Tweets
  • 5 Shareable Social Media Graphics
  • Extra Bonus Monthly Content

Lock in your membership spot…
The cost is $27 per month, however you can cancel at any time!

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Current Topic for December: How to Focus

**Click here to see the FULL content list for the current month** +

Main eBook:
"How to Focus (and the Life-Changing Benefits of Doing So)"
(3,843 words, 18 pages, 7 images)

+ Checklist
+ eCovers

5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Life Changing Benefits of Learning to Focus

Bonus Long Article:

6 Surprising Benefits of Learning to Focus - 851 words

Related Articles:

3 Tips to Help You Focus At Work - 426 words
4 Ways to Improve Your Focus - 411 words
5 Foods to Help You Focus - 440 words
Are There Any Supplements That Help Focus & Concentration? - 402 words
Why Multi-Tasking Doesn't Work - 344 words

Social Media Posts & Images:

5 Shareable Social Media Tips
15 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
7 Royalty Free Images

12Main Product

Every month you get a new self-help/ personal development info product on a different topic. These eBooks cover a specific sub-niche such as productive morning routines, fear of public speaking, or preventing burnout. They are all brand new and original to the Self-Help Content Club.

12 Related Checklist

Many people reading a guide like this could be overwhelmed at all the options, which is why we put together a checklist to help give them an overview at a glance. This helps your customers actually use your information (and it also makes a great "content upgrade" to a blog post to help build your list!)

12 Editable eCovers

You also get several versions of the eCovers for the main eBook & checklist - and they come in finished & editable PSD formats so you can change them if you like!

12 Royalty Free Images

You can use these images as part of the report, on your website or on social media.

12 5 Related Articles:

Content is still key to success online, so you also get a set of 5 articles related to the main eBook topic.

12 5 Email Messages/ Blog Posts

Email marketing is important in any niche, so every month you’ll get a new 5-part message series that you can send to your subscribers. You could also use them as blog posts if you wish.

12 5 Shareable Social Media Images

Social media can be an excellent source of traffic for this niche, and people love to see useful tips and inspiration.

12 15 Tweets

To make it easy to promote your content on social media, you also get 15 related tips tweets. The tweets come in a spreadsheet so you can quickly insert your links, check the length and upload them to your social networks.

12 Keyword Research Sheet

Lastly, you get a keyword research spreadsheet to use for SEO on your website, or even to generate ideas for future content!

12 Monthly Bonus!

Every month you’ll also get a different bonus to help you with your content. For example, a checklist, resource guide, worksheet or infographic.

Additional New Member Bonus Package:
Articles, Ideas & PLR Tips!

I wanted to sweeten the deal even more for my first members of the Self-Help PLR club, so I added an additional bonus download package...

Please note that this bonus package is not brand new and exclusive to this membership - I secured resell rights to share this with you. The main monthly package above, however, is 100% new and created only for this membership!

BONUS 1: 40 Self-Help Articles

Use these 40 bonus articles to fill up your site with even more useful content...

  • 20 Mixed Self Help Articles
  • 10 Goal Setting Articles
  • 10 Time Management Articles

BONUS 2: 50 Time Management & Organization Content Ideas

Next, you also get 50 additional content ideas to help you firmly establish yourself in this niche.

  • Ready to Use as Blog Posts & Products
  • Also Useful As Social Updates & Email Newsletter Ideas
  • Delivered in a Handy Spreadsheet to Help You Keep Track of Your Content

Screenshot of Idea Documents:


Screenshot of Spreadsheet:


BONUS 3: How to Use Your PLR Training

So that you can put your PLR to use right away and start making money, I've also included training on how to use your PLR. This includes:

  • A quick start action checklist so you know how to start
  • A guide to fitting PLR into the big picture for your business
  • How to rewrite and customize your PLR content

Lock in your membership slot today...
The cost is $27 per month, however you can cancel at any time!

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Here's what members of my other PLR content clubs had to say...

I joined the IM Content Club yesterday and I just want to say how great it all looks! Excellent site, great content, and very easy to access. It is all very impressive - well done! - and thank you!!

Robert Mason - Brand New IM Club Member

Most PLR is poorly written, devoid of substance, uninteresting, and over used. Your PLR, on the other hand, is very well written and provided in multiple user friendly formats.

Long term Fitness PLR Monthly member in a private survey response

How Much Is All This Going to Cost?

If you were to hire a ghostwriter for this content it would cost you hundreds for the eBook, emails & articles that have taken hours of research. Not to mention the extra work that goes into creating tweets, collecting the images, and keeping track of current trends. You also get the graphics included with this package, which you can edit to make your own. So you've saved yourself the cost of a graphic designer, too!

But you’ll get all of the content listed above for a surprisingly low price of just $27 per month.

That’s less than what you’d pay a ghostwriter for just a couple of articles! And although this is a monthly membership, you can cancel at any time and keep the content you've paid for.

Here’s a summary of everything you get…

  • New Self-Help Package Every Month
  • Main eBook Covering A Specific Topic
  • Editable eCovers in Different Styles
  • Bonus “Content Upgrade” (Like A Checklist or Worksheet)
  • Royalty Free Related Images
  • 5 Related Articles
  • 5 Emails/ Blog Posts
  • 15 Related Tweets
  • 5 Shareable Social Media Graphics
  • Keyword Research on the monthly topic
  • Extra Bonus Monthly Content
  • 40 Bonus Self-Help Articles
  • 50 Bonus Time Management Content Ideas
  • Tips for Using Your PLR

Lock in your spot…
Just $27 per month

Join the Self-Help Content Club


[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it as the author
[YES] Can be sold for informational use only
[YES] Can be used as ebook content
[YES] Can be used in printed work
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Can be used on as many of your own sites as you wish

[NO] Can pass on editable files to anyone else
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights
[NO] Can put our name on the content (you can put your own name just not our name)
[NO] Can pass on PLR package to anyone else
[NO] Can use on PLR blogs for resale

I look forward to sharing my best ever value self-help PLR content with you!

In case you didn't know, I have been in the PLR business since 2010, and it's my goal to provide you with high quality content that saves you time and money. You may have seen my store at Content Shortcuts (formerly Net PLR/ IM PLR Guides).

If you have any questions at all about this offer or any of my PLR, feel free to contact me. I will personally respond to your queries.